Business School Alumni in the United Kingdom Got Together to Chill Out and Build Strong Community

With a growing population of Hong Kong immigrants in the UK, the CUHK Business School alumni community has expanded on British soil. Carol Chan (IBBA 2006), a Global Alumni Ambassador of the School in the UK who has been there for 15 years, organised an alumni meetup last December in London, where over 20 members of the community came together at the Institute of Directors, to enjoy a cosy moment over a glass or two.

“The British circle is composed of alumni from different generations and backgrounds. By organising the meetup, I wish to strengthen the ties between us, with a view to facilitating the acclimatisation of newcomers with the help of veteran members in the community,” Carol explained. The evening unfolded amid an amiable flow of conversation and the clinking of glasses. Carol proposed a pledge to send greetings or help to at least one fellow alumnus after the event, to which the attendants responded enthusiastically. “I’m grateful that everybody is willing to go an extra mile to build a stronger alumni network together. The genuine connection among us is invaluable.”

Among the attendants is Ava Ho (MSc in ITM 2021) who felt at home in the friendly gathering with fellow Business School alumni in a foreign land. A year after she has settled in the UK, she looks forward to more social activities, such as hot pot dinner or city tour, among the group.


Alumni in the UK spent a great time together

Carol, a Global Alumni Ambassador of the Business School in the UK, wishes to strengthen the community ties among Business School alumni in the UK through regular gatherings. Connect with her and other GAAs in the UK if you are around!