Yang JIAO (MBA 2012): Investment in Frankfurt Bearing Fruit in Post-Brexit Era

Name Yang JIAO
Study Programme MBA 2012
Current Location Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Current Job Market Governance, Citigroup Global Markets Europe AG


Q1. Could you briefly describe your current job scope or responsibilities?

I‘m currently working in the Market Operations Department of Citigroup to perform governance, monitoring and controls on middle offices and operation activities globally.


Q2. 3 words to describe your life in your residing location (the country/ city), followed by a brief explanation.

Transformation, collision, brighter future

Frankfurt am Main used to be just a regular middle-sized industrial city in Germany, but it is gradually transforming into the financial centre of Europe thanks to Brexit. This transformation has brought people with all kinds of background, experience, ideas, opinions, etc. into the city. I’m looking forward to seeing the bright future that lies ahead.


Q3. Which industry do you see strong business potential in your country and any reason?

Financial services and the real estate industries have great business potential here. Frankfurt is expected to become the next European financial centre in the post-Brexit era and relevant services will be booming with the influx of talents and capital. The Brexit strategies are also expected to cause an increasing housing demand in Germany in general and invigorate the real estate market in Frankfurt.


Q4. What is the one thing you miss the most during your study in CUHK Business School, and that you look forward to doing it/ making it happen again?

The outbound experience of the MBA programme is absolutely amazing. We were able to stay away from the modern city lifestyle for one week and fully embrace the nature. It gave us the opportunities to revisit the basics and reconnect with ourselves.